Dealing with mental health challenges and stress

For service men and women and veterans coping with depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress or any other psychological problems.

My life is improving every day. What was it that turned it around for me? It was SSAFA.

- Jason, Army Veteran

SSAFA is here to help you feel less alone. With our network of home visitors, caseworkers and specialised services, we can provide the individual help you require to safely and happily recover.

SSAFA does not provide medical or counselling services, but we can help you get in contact with those who can. We can also provide direct help with accessibility to services, treatment costs, housing and a friendly shoulder to lean on. Remember that if you’re experiencing mental health problems then in the first instance our volunteers will always signpost you to your GP if you are ex-Forces, and to the Defence Medical Service if you are serving.

SSAFA's services are only available to people who have received at least one day's pay from the Armed Forces (British Army, Royal Navy, Royal Air Force, Royal Marines, including Reserves), or are in the immediate family of someone who served.

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Meet Jason

After five overseas tours, including a very hard one in Afghanistan where his good friend died, Corporal Jason of the Queen's Royal Hussars was put on sick leave, and eventually honourably discharged in 2011.

The PTSD he suffered from pushed him to attempt suicide multiple times, but the arrival of a SSAFA caseworker into his home helped him turn his life around, and has since won awards for the art he has made as part of his therapy.

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