Mr and Mrs Hobson

22 July 2020

Bryan Hobson served with the RAF for 2 years National Service 1954-1956 and then worked until retirement in the building industry.  After losing his sight, he has been a member of Blind Veterans UK since 2008, but he now has additional problems requiring support.  His wife Jean is his main carer.  During lockdown their washing machine broke down and Jean found herself unable to buy a replacement so had been handwashing.  The situation was referred by Sue Sims of Blind Veterans to SSAFA leading to a replacement machine being supplied and fitted within a matter of days.

Jean reported: “It is already making a huge difference. I can have a larger load so I don’t need to wash items so frequently and it has halved the time for the main wash. I can’t thank you enough, I didn’t know how I could get a replacement.  Thank you, Blind Veterans UK, for putting us in touch with SSAFA who have been fantastic with their response and help”.

Their daughter Michelle added: “SSAFA has been amazing to my parents and it has been such a support to them and all their family to know that help is there when they need it.  We really do appreciate all Blind Veterans UK have done and continue to do for our parents.”

The Bedfordshire volunteer caseworker, Jackie White, having been notified by the Branch Secretary at 0945 on 1 July contacted the Crisis Team, set up for just such cases in the current situation; by 1130 the Team confirmed funding and organised delivery and installation for the following day.  Since Mr Hobson was a member of Blind Veterans, verification of service was not required which expedited assistance.  The caseworker said 'I must admit my sense of achievement that day was pretty high.'

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