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We are SSAFA

The UK's oldest national tri-service military charity

We've been providing lifelong support to our Forces and their families for 130 years.

Our vision:

In recognition of their service to the Nation, SSAFA works to ensure that the needs of the Armed Forces, veterans and their families are met in an appropriate and timely way.

Our mission:

We exist to relieve need, suffering and distress amongst the Armed Forces, veterans and their families in order to support their independence and dignity.

SSAFA today

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Our Impact in 2018

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Our history

130 years of support for the Armed Forces family

Our values:

  • Understanding. Showing empathy. Giving a helping hand to those in need and distress.

  • Commitment. Professionalism. Being beneficiary-focused in all we do. Being accountable for our actions. Being open, transparent and acting in the interests of people who use or need our support.

  • Fairness. Consistency in how we deal with people. Acting with integrity and not making moral judgements; not discriminating; promoting inclusivity and diversity.

  • Courage. Standing by what we believe when we need to challenge accepted wisdom. Trusting in our ability. Doing the right thing, however hard. Questioning actions not consistent with our values.

Our strategic objectives

Our strategic objectives set out our priorities at SSAFA and how we go about achieving them. They underpin our key processes as we work together to provide the ever important specialist services and practical, emotional and financial support to our Forces and their families.

  • Understanding Need. We will ensure that we understand and adapt to the needs of our beneficiaries.
  • Effective Support. We will alleviate suffering and distress by providing appropriate, affective and timely support.
  • Sustainable Resource. We will ensure we have people with the right skills and sufficient time to deliver our services, underpinned by a sustainable income.
  • Collaborative Working. We will work collaboratively within the organisation and with external partners.
  • Awareness and Understanding. We will strive to be respected, known and understood.
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