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Support for the armed forces in Worcestershire

We help veterans and service personnel, and their families, in the local community and we rely on public donations to continue our work. Our commitment is to provide support with experienced, non-judgemental and friendly advice, as well as a variety of practical services which cover a range of social, family and financial issues.

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The main office is open on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. There is an answering machine, so please leave a message with a contact number and we will return your call.

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Email: worcestershire@ssafa.org.uk

Phone: 01905 21728

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  • Joining forces with Age UK.

    SSAFA and Age UK have joined forces in a ground-breaking local initiative to vastly improve the lives of veterans and their families born before 1950.

    SSAFA and Age UK have joined forces in a ground-breaking local initiative to vastly improve the lives of veterans and their families born before 1950. Following two years of planning and months of presentations to fund-holders, the two charities announced their plans to work together for the good of the growing number of elderly people in the local area.

    We are one of 12 SSAFA branches across the UK who have been asked to take part and are thrilled to be involved. We believe that by working jointly and pooling resources, we can build on each other’s expertise and create a county where elderly veterans are well looked after and get the help and support they deserve. Though both charities have specific aims to help make the lives of the elderly more comfortable and less stressful, there is not a lot of overlap in the specific assistance and support they provide.

    Rob Fountain of Age UK said: “We have found that the work done by both of our teams is more complementary than competitive. With our long-term experience of helping and supporting the elderly in the community and SSAFA’s 132 years of assisting members of the forces and their families, we believe we will now have a much stronger team of volunteers, with greatly enhanced experience. Together that will enable potential clients to be given the advice and assistance they need more quickly than ever.’’

    Funding for the new work is being provided through the Ministry of Defence, using money being made available by the Chancellor from fines collected from banks which were involved in the Libor interest rate controversy.

  • Prison In Reach Division

    Worcestershire has three prisons, HMP Long Lartin a category A prison, HMP Hewell a category B prisonand The Grange category D prison. SSAFA trained caseworkers visit the prisons on a regular basis and hold group meetings with veterans

    Prison In Reach Division

    Worcestershire has three prisons, HMP Long Lartin a category A prison, HMP Hewell a
    category B prisonand The Grange category D prison. SSAFA trained caseworkers visit the
    prisons on a regular basis and hold group meetings with veterans. The veterans value these
    meetings enormously.
    Our aim is to ensure that, during a veteran's stay in prison, they and their families receive all
    of the help that their military service entitles them to, and, upon release, have all of the
    necessary support in place to help avoid re-offending. SSAFA maintains a close working
    relationship with the National Probation Service and the local Community Rehabilitation
    SSAFA is actively supported in this aim by the Police and Crime Commissioner.
    The Prison In Reach Division is an integral part of the SSAFA Worcestershire Branch and we
    aim to provide continuing support from arrest, through custody, remand, court
    appearances, sentence, transfer, release and probation.
    Once the veteran enters prison and they have declared that they have been a member of
    the Armed Forces, they are made aware of SSAFA's services and our direct involvement
    within the prison system. They will be invited to attend our regular group meetings where
    they can meet up with other veterans; and can have a confidential “one to one” meeting
    with one of our specially trained caseworkers to discuss any particular needs that they or
    their family may have.
    We are available for additional meetings with individuals between group meetings if there is
    an urgent need.
    Should the veteran’s family require help, their details are passed to the local office within
    SSAFA Worcestershire. Should the family live in another county, the case details are passed
    on to the respective Branch who will assist the family with their need.
    During a term of sentence, it is common for a prisoner to be transferred to another prison.
    In the event of a transfer outside the County then the veteran's details are passed to the
    relevant SSAFA Prison in Reach team to maintain our contact with the veteran.
    Upon discharge the veteran may become the responsibility of the National Probation
    Service or the local Community Rehabilitation Company. In which case, we will work with
    these organisations to ensure that we continue our support.
    SSAFA Prison in Reach is committed to providing a service to veterans held in the Criminal
    justice System, which is respectful, supportive, and non-judgemental.
    In 2017, 67 veterans have regularly attended our monthly meetings, a number of which
    have been subsequently helped on their release back into the community.

  • Who do we help?

    What does SSAFA stand for?

    We are the longest serving national tri-service military charity. For over 130 years, we have provided lifelong support to those who are serving or have ever served in our Armed Forces.
    Today nearly 2.6 million people living in the United Kingdom are estimated to have served in the Armed Forces at some point in their lives. Every year, around 20,000 servicemen and women leave the services and return to civilian life.
    That's why our work is so important. We believe that those who have served their country should get the best possible support when they need it.

    SSAFA provides lifelong support to anyone who is currently serving or has ever served in the Royal Navy, British Army or Royal Air Force.
    We're ready to help you and your family, whenever and wherever you need us. Call Worcester branch on: 01905 21728

  • Our local SSAFA branch.

    Message from the chairman of the branch Lt Col.Peter Lockyer M.B.E

    The Worcestershire Branch of SSAFA, the armed forces charity, believes that there are a large number in the county who may well qualify for assistance but are unaware that they are able to do so.
    Lt Col.Peter Lockyer M.B.E, chairman of the branch, said: "We are trying to raise the awareness of the work that our trained, dedicated, volunteers undertake and to let ex-service, serving and reservist personnel and their families know that we may well be able to help them in their hour of need.
    "Sadly there are too many people who are unaware of what they may be entitled to or who are reluctant to seek our help."
    SSAFA offers practical, emotional, and financial support to meet individual needs.
    In order to carry out the work the Worcestershire Branch has five divisions to cover the county and a further division, named Prison in Reach, makes regular visits to the three prisons in the county.
    The Branch currently has some 60 volunteers and in 2016 undertook some 400 cases and friendship visits and raised just over £300,000 to help meet the needs of the clients.
    Whilst SSAFA acts as a channel for obtaining funds from other charitable organisations to meet the client's needs it does hold fund-raising events to pay for it's administrative costs and volunteers expenses.
    To contact SSAFA Worcestershire, telephone 01905 21728, there is an answerphone to leave a message.

  • Worcester Wheels

    Looking for volunteers within the veteran community.

    Are you a veteran? do you have a few hours to spare?
    WORCESTER WHEELS are looking for volunteers to provide a vital service for people in Worcester City and nearby rural areas who find it difficult or impossible to access other forms of transport.
    Please call 01905 450654 for more information or visit their website that shows you all the wonderful work they do.

  • Fundraising Event: Voices of Remembrance

    A Centenary Commemoration of the WW1 Armistice (Fundraiser)

    Event: Worcestershire Symphony Orchestra and Worcester Cathedral Choir.
    Time: 7:30 pm
    Date: Saturday 10th November 2018
    Where: Worcester Cathedral
    Tickets: £10, £15 and £20 available from Worcester Live: 01905 611427.
    At least £5 from every ticket sold will be donated to support the work in Worcestershire of: SSAFA, The soldiers Charity (ABF) and The Royal British Legion.