Who can volunteer?

SSAFA volunteers come from all walks of life, with both military and non-military backgrounds. Every single one is invaluable to us.

Who can Volunteer?  Everybody!

I have not served with the military, will that matter? There may be an expectation that you must have served or be related to someone who has but this is not the case and many volunteers have no military connection.

I have been a beneficiary of SSAFA? We have current volunteers who have also received our services. Please feel free to contact us to discuss further if you wish.

I am a returning volunteer? We are happy to welcome you back. We accept returning volunteers based on when you left, the role you undertook and how long it has been since you undertook your training.

I claim benefits while I volunteer with SSAFA? This should not restrict your volunteering with us but let your benefits adviser know you're volunteering.

I have a criminal record, can I volunteer? We welcome all volunteers. It will depend on the role you are undertaking and your circumstances, but it is not a barrier to joining our team. Please feel free to contact us to discuss further

I am under 18, what can I do? Although some of our roles do have an age restriction, we still welcome younger volunteers and family groups. If no role suits you, then you can still support SSAFA in other ways.

Qualities and skills of a SSAFA volunteer

Does this sound like you?

  • Empathetic
    - You connect with other people and always try to understand how they may be feeling.

  • Open Minded
    - You have the ability to consider other perspectives and can reconsider your own.

  • Supportive
    - You give help and encouragement to others.

  • Accepting
    - You won't discriminate against anyone for any reason, regardless of race, sexuality, gender, disability or political views.

  • Respectful
    - You show consideration and regard for others and their beliefs and values.

  • Honest
    - You are able to be and act truthfully at all times.

Your skills

Our volunteers can gain and develop so many new skills with SSAFA; teamwork, communication, problem solving, project planning, task management, digital skills, and organization to name a few. Volunteering is also great for developing your CV with transferable skills, training, and personal development.

Along with skills you will have the ability to progress, you can start in one role but then move to others. Volunteering can help you to expand your network, professionally and personally, it can provide you with renewed creativity, motivation, and vision.

SSAFA also recognises that volunteers bring with them a wealth of experiences and qualities which can be shared. This is a time that you can pass on your knowledge, volunteering with SSAFA creates empowerment, for you and for others.

Volunteer Training

SSAFA invests in our volunteers to ensure that they are able to provide the very best help that they can.

We also provide training on how to use our systems, protecting the rights of our beneficiaries and role-specific training.  Our training is conducted over an e-learning platform, though our volunteer experience team - and other volunteers - will always be willing to talk you through new information.

We do need our volunteers to have a basic IT literacy.  However even if you don't feel confident with computers, we can and do help people learn - the important thing is that you want to help SSAFA and the Armed Forces community.

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* If you have a direct link with your local Armed Forces base, you may be able to volunteer for a SSAFA Service Committee.