Help for your fundraising

Thank you so much for deciding to raise money for SSAFA! We can now help you to get the very best out of your event.

Whatever you decide to do - baking beautiful cakes, putting on a pub quiz or competing in one of SSAFA's challenge events - we're thrilled to have you on our team!

By raising money, whether it's £50 or £5,000, you're making a huge difference. You're helping us support serving men and women, veterans, and their families with the challenges of life during and after their career in the Armed Forces.

You can see and download our fundraising guide here.

Planning your event:

When will it be?

  • When you set the date and time for your event, think about:Who you want to come and when they'll be free.
  • Other local events - make sure your event doesn't clash with anything similar going on in the area.
  • Whether people can afford to come or donate - if it's around the holidays or pay day for example, it could be more difficult.

Where will it be?

Think about:

  • The best option for your event - indoors or outdoors? Large or small?
  • How accessible your venue is - for supporters travelling to and from your events and for people with disabilities.
  • What facilities there are - like tables, chairs or sound equipment.
  • Any costs of hiring the venue or equipment.

Who will get involved?

  • Think about your target audience and whether you'll need extra people to help you organise your event.
  • How will you get your audience involved?
  • Ask local businesses for sponsorship, donations and prizes - we can give you an authorisation letter to let them know you're fundraising for SSAFA.
  • Ask friends and family to help you organise, bring other supporters and spread the word.

How will you raise money?

  • Don't forget to think about how best to raise money.
  • Can you charge people to take part?
  • Will you sell refreshments or add any other elements that will bring in more money?
  • Can people sponsor you for your activity?
  • Can you cut your costs to maximise your total?