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Support for the armed forces in Plymouth

We help veterans and service personnel, and their families, in the local community and we rely on public donations to continue our work. Our commitment is to provide support with experienced, non-judgemental and friendly advice, as well as a variety of practical services which cover a range of social, family and financial issues.

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Monday-Friday 07.30-12.00 As the Branch is situated within a secure military complex 24 hours notice of ALL visitors must be given.

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Phone: 01752 553 414

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Phone: 01752 553 414

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    THE PLYMOUTH BRANCH boasts that, with 4 other branches, we are the oldest

    THE PLYMOUTH BRANCH boasts that, with 4 other branches, we are the oldest of over 70 branches nationwide as well as being one of the busiest. We were formed in 1886 and in 2016 we celebrated our 130th Anniversary. We are immensely proud to say that since 1886, without interruption, we have been helping those in need in the City of Plymouth.

    Last year our 25 or so volunteers assisted 355 clients and in so doing raised on their behalves over £240,000. This was by no means an exceptional year.

    PLYMOUTH it is estimated has the largest population of veterans of any city in the country at over 20,000.

    FINANCIALLY, like all other branches, we must be self supporting. I recognition of our Anniversary we have launched our ‘’130th £5 Appeal’’ asking our friends kindly to donate £5 by Standing Order each month. The response has been superb.

  • The Invisible Enemy

    This month, SSAFA is highlighting one area of Veteran’s realities that do not always get acknowledged; Loneliness and isolation - the invisible enemy faced by many veterans every day. With over 41% British Armed Forces veterans surveyed saying they have felt lonely or isolated at some point since leaving the military, and over a quarter admitting to having suicidal thoughts after finishing their military service.
    Find out more and donate at to help SSAFA reach more veterans who have served this Nation; they have sacrificed a great deal and deserve our support.


Christmas Fair 6 November 2018

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