Fundraising Paige proves she’s in the Fitter Section

09 June 2023

There are times when a name fits perfectly.

Take Lance Corporal Paige Bellerby of 214 Fitter Section, 2 Signal Regiment, based at Imphal Barracks in York.

Northallerton-born Paige, who is a leading rallycross driver in her spare time, organised a 24-hour fitness marathon at the barracks to raise money for and awareness of SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity. It was also an opportunity to boost morale and team cohesion – and find out who was the fittest of the squadron teams.

The 27 year old, now more than four years into her Army career, gathered colleagues to complete every hour on the hour a 1.5-mile run followed by 40 press ups and 50 sit ups, and one participant, SSgt Reid, even found time – and energy – for a 90-minute football match.

Paige explains why she chose SSAFA, saying: “While SSAFA hasn’t helped anyone I know personally, I’m aware of how much the charity does do help others and I believe it’s important to raise as much awareness about it in order to help continue to great work it does and has done since 1885.

“It’s always good to give something back, maybe not for yourself, but for anyone from the bigger military community, whether they’re serving or veteran, regular or reserves, Army, Navy or Air Force – and their families.

Paige says that the fitness fundraiser has been a great success, with her regiment so far raising more than £600, adding: “But donations are still open for us to reach our target of £1,000, so if you’d like to support our troops in raising money for SSAFA, then please click

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