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30 June 2014

Day three of the rally: The Czech Republic

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Day three of the rally: The Czech Republic- SSAFA

By Jim Morrison

Jim is co-driver in SSAFA's car for our Rally for Heroes 2014 charity challenge. In his day job, he looks after fundraising for SSAFA in Wales and the West of England.


The day started with a morning briefing where we were given a master class session on what to do when your sat nav goes wrong. This short lesson proved very useful later that day.

The large clear German roads lead us safely and efficiently to the Czech border where we stopped and bought a vignette, which is kind of like a visa for the car.

The Czech Republic is a beautiful country, but the road system is somewhat erratic as major roads just stop then restart 200km south. We passed Gothic looking castles perched on the edges of extinct volcanic mountains, huge eastern block tenement housing buildings and massive breweries. It turned out later that we probably shouldn't have seen many of these sites as we were travelling in the wrong direction. The sat nav thought we were on a road which no longer exists and had decided we were better off going back home. We turned it off and looked at a good old fashioned map.

An hour later we arrived on the glorious cobbled streets of Prague, surrounded by astounding architecture and beautiful scenery. No wonder this city was the centre of European art and culture for so long. We were welcomed, fed and watered by the good people of Prague until we fell into bed.

To show your support for Jim and his co-driver Private Jamie Hull - and for SSAFA - text ‘JRFH75 £5’ to 70070 and donate £5 or visit their fundraising page.