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A Christmas homecoming

Jenna's story

22 December 2014

A Christmas homecoming: Jenna's story

Jenna and her daughter Isabella can't wait to welcome home their fiance and daddy for Christmas.

A Christmas homecoming: Jenna's story

Jenna Brown is 23 and lives in Nottingham with her daughter Isabella. Her fiance, Kristian, is a Leading Seaman on HMS Lancaster in Portsmouth and is currently training in Plymouth.

Christmas is going to be very special for us this year. Although we've been lucky enough to have Kristian home every Christmas, he hasn't been home for several weeks now which is much longer than previous years. Our little girl, Isabella, is now three years old and she's starting to understand that not everyone's daddy is away like hers. She just can't wait to see him, she's so excited; him coming home is definitely top of her Christmas list! I find it hard him being away and my friends say I cover it up well, but I need to be positive for Isabella.

We are waiting 'til he comes home to put up the Christmas tree. It's also his birthday on Saturday so it will be double celebrations. We've done a big shop to make sure we have all his favourite foods - Weetabix for breakfast, nice coffee, a roast chicken and plenty of chocolate! We'll have Christmas lunch with my parents and then it's on to his auntie's for a buffet tea with all of his family. We're very close, it'll be wonderful to all be together. We're going to relax at home on Boxing Day to give Isabella chance to play with her new toys and watch films with her daddy.

We're supporting SSAFA's #MySalute campaign as we know how hard it is for families to be without their loved ones. Kristian is away on tour for nine months next year so we'll be making the most of our time together, and keeping our fingers crossed that he can still get leave for our wedding in October!

Jenna and Isabella shared their #MySalute to thank our Armed Forces. Show your support by posting your own #MySalute to our heroes, or text ‘HERO29 £3’ to 70070 to help continue SSAFA’s vital work with the entire military community.