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Seventy-five years ago, Allied forces in World War Two launched the largest attack by land, air and sea in history. The mission was to capture the beaches of Normandy, in France, to create a pathway into mainland Europe to allow it to be liberated from the grip of German occupation. 

This was Operation Overlord and in the words of Sir Winston Churchill it was “undoubtedly the most complicated and difficult” operation that  had ever taken place.

The first day of this assault on the Normandy beaches has become known to history as ‘D-Day’.  Now, in 2019, we mark the 75th Anniversary of D-Day with an innovative gold quarter sovereign coin, the first ever to be produced with a contoured edge,  matching the shape of ‘Gold’ beach where British troops led the attack on D-Day. It’s the first of its kind, ever.

A ground-breaking gold coin, for an event that changed history!

Gold beach was assigned to British troops and was the central beach of the five designated landing areas on the Normandy coast. High winds made conditions difficult for the landing craft but after determined flighting, the beach  was reclaimed from the German troops. By the end of the day, almost 25,000 British soldiers had landed at Gold beach.

With so few veterans of this conflict still with us today, it is all the more important to remember their service to our country. A unique and lasting commemoration ensures that future generations  understand what was achieved on D-Day 1944, and at what cost.

  • World first – the first gold quarter sovereign with a contoured edge
  • Worldwide availability of just 4,999 coins
  • Struck in solid 22 carat gold
  • Exempt from VAT
  • Exclusive to Hattons of London
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The new sovereign coins that have been minted to mark this important anniversary are technically demanding to strike – a significant British gold coin for an event of national importance.

Never before has a quarter sovereign coin with a contoured edge been struck. Authorised by The East Caribbean States and minted in Britain it is a superb tribute to the heroes of D-Day.

To reflect the cooperation of British, US and Canadian troops on D-Day these coins – remarkably – feature their face value in both ‘sovereigns’ and ‘dollars’!

Minted from solid 22 carat gold, the mintage is restricted to just 4,999 coins -  an incredibly small quantity for a coin of such importance. Given the low mintage and value for money that the 2019 Heroes of Gold Beach Gold Quarter Sovereign represents, Hattons of London expects the coin to sell out within weeks.


Simon Mellinger, Managing Director, Hattons of London:

Hattons of London is delighted to continue its support of SSAFA through the launch of its new range, the 2019 Heroes of D-Day 75th Anniversary Gold Sovereign range. This series of coins has been designed with sculpted edges which expertly mirror the contours of the five beaches on which the Allied troops landed. It is the first time ever that gold Sovereign coins have been struck with this distinctive and technically demanding design feature. We feel this is an appropriate way to honour the bravery and selflessness of all those who participated in this incredible military operation.

SSAFA provides the perfect partnership to help us keep the memory of those servicemen alive and we are privileged to be working with such an esteemed charity”