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The Additional Needs and Disability Guide: A Guide for Service Families

This guide is compiled by The FANDF Committee and the SSAFA Additional Needs and Disability Advisor. The Guide intends to offer families with challenging issues a step towards finding some answers to these questions. It is by no means comprehensive but it intended to signpost to some of the services and resources available, which will hopefully help you find the appropriate support and make life easier.

Download the guide here.

FANDF e-Newsletter

This is a seasonal e-Newsletter created by the committee which provides information on topics of interest.

Download the FANDF Spring/Summer 2024 Newsletter here.


FANDF 30th Anniversary Report: "Families Fighting On..."

Our specially commissioned report looking at the results of a survey of FANDF families, with analysis and recommendations.

Download the report here.

Single Service Policies

Army - 'AGAI 108' has recently been absorbed into 'AGAI 81, Part 8 - supportability and additional needs'. If you have a family member with an additional need it is important to inform the Army Personnel Centre (APC) of this so your family can be supported. This can be done by completing Annex L - Career Management Notification Proforma.  AGAI 81 can be accessed via MODNet.

Navy – BR3 paragraph 2423

RAF – AP 3392 vol 2 leaflet 241

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