Alice goes nuclear for SSAFA

10 August 2023

11 year old Alice Morgan, from Chigwell, is setting off on her nuclear race in September, to raise funds for SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity.

Alice decided she would like to raise funds for the charity because she was shocked to hear that some people, who had served their country could become homeless.

Alice said: “When I heard that lots of ex-soldiers were homeless, I was shocked that this could happen. Then I started to be interested in people who had been injured in war too. I heard of SSAFA and the work they do and wanted to help.

Alice is running a ‘Nuclear Race’, which is a tough obstacle and distance race, with the 'Rookie Blast' designed especially for children. Alice must complete two laps of the 20 obstacle, 1.5km course in under 45 minutes, and she'll have to contend with muddy ditches, cargo nets, tyre tunnels, walls and monkey bars as well as running in woods and on open fields!

Alice says: “I’m not sporty, so I’m a bit worried. But me and my mum are training for it all this summer holiday, so I think I will finish in time.

Please feel free to call our Forcesline if you need any support.

0800 260 6767

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