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The SSAFA Guild

Stay in contact with other SSAFA professional staff

The SSAFA Guild

The SSAFA Guild is here to help past and present members of SSAFA professional staff and associates to stay in contact.


The SSAFA GuildWhat is the SSAFA Guild?

The Guild was originally established in 1983 as a point of contact for retired SSAFA Health Visitors.  As the organisation developed SSAFA Social Workers also joined.  In recent years other professions now part of SSAFA are eligible to join whether in employment or retired.  An Associate membership is also offered to past or present colleagues working in support of SSAFA Community Health and Social Services.  The photograph here shows members at the 2014 Annual General Meeting in York.

Why join the Guild?

It’s a way to keep in touch with old friends and colleagues and it’s cheap - at present the annual subscription is just £10.  This is reviewed every year. As part of your membership you will receive a newsletter twice a year and the opportunity to meet up once a year with friends and colleagues at the Annual General Meeting.

Other Guild activities

We are in the process of establishing a SSAFA archive to try and preserve the history of the Association and capture memories of a very different organisation than exists today.

We also maintain links with any members who are unwell, by personal contact, telephone, card or by sending flowers.

We maintain links with Central Office managers to keep ourselves aware of developments within SSAFA.

How often does the Guild meet?

Once a year in the Autumn for the AGM.  On alternate years we meet in London at Central Office, the other year out of Town.  Recent venues have included Cheltenham, Chester, Morecambe and York.  The majority of members include an overnight stay - Union Jack Club in London and hotels elsewhere.

Get in touch

Email the Guild Commitee for more information.