Armed Forces Day 2024

Celebrating the work, and sacrifice, of our entire Armed Forces community - 29 June 2024

Armed Forces Day is the nation's annual opportunity to celebrate the incredible work of our Armed Forces, held on the last Saturday of June.  

This year Armed Forces Day will be held on 29 June.

We also celebrate Reserves Day on the Wednesday before - this year will be the 26 June - to mark the often overlooked contribution of all our Reservists.

Our Armed Forces community does not just contain actively serving personnel, but also all of our veterans and Armed Forces families. 

This is our chance to say thank you to the brave men and women who have pledged to defend our nation, and our values. 

About Armed Forces Day

The United Kingdom first celebrated a 'Veterans' Day' in 2006, a national celebration of the veterans of our Armed Forces.  In 2009 this was renamed to 'Armed Forces Day' and it became a wider celebration of all of our Armed Forces community - from those in active service, and our veterans, to our Cadet Forces and Armed Forces families.

Since then Armed Forces Day has become more and more well-known, and though it is not a public holiday, has become a popular day of celebration for much of the British public.

It is a perfect way that we, as a nation, can remind our Armed Forces community that we are proud of their work, integrity and sacrifices - and we hope you will be able to join one of the Armed Forces Day events held across the country - or even SSAFA's very own 13 Bridges Challenge in London.

13 Bridges Challenge

To celebrate Armed Forces Day SSAFA is holding our annual 13 Bridges Challenge, a fundraising walk along the banks of the River Thames in central London, where our route takes us from the iconic Tower Bridge (near HMS Belfast and the Tower of London) to the finishing line at Eel Brook Common, just past the 13th bridge, Battersea Bridge.

The route provides a fantastic tour of our capital city, where you can take in sites like the Palace of Westminster, the London Eye, and the home of James Bond, the 'MI5' building.  With pit stops on the way, and extra activities at the finishing line, the 13 Bridges Challenge has proven to be an incredibly fun way to spend Armed Forces Day - and to help raise funds for your favourite Tri-Service charity!


National Events

The official Armed Forces Day website has a listing of all the events being held up and down the country.  There will be parades, rugby matches, flag ceremonies, church services, picnics and more, so please have a look at what is happening in your local area:


The SSAFA Store

Show your support for your favourite service or regiment!  

The SSAFA Store has a wide selection of t-shirts, hoodies and tops celebrating the different arms and units of the UK's Armed Forces.  Each design has a 'normal' and "veteran" version, and is a fashionable celebration of the best Army, Navy and Air Force in the world!

All purchases on the SSAFA Store help support our work in the Armed Forces community.