For individuals making a major, philanthropic donation.

The support of individuals who make significant gifts is incredibly important to SSAFA, and ensures that we can continue to provide our vital projects and services.

Please contact to find out more about philanthropic giving.

How your gift will make an impact

The long-term effect on those who have so loyally and courageously served in recent conflicts, and those who continue to serve, is yet to be fully understood – as is the impact on their families and family life. Bereavement, illness and life-changing injuries, both physical and psychological, are complex issues and the long term consequences are enormous.

We cannot fix every problem but what we can do is ensure each and every one of our Forces family has the best possible chance of coping with whatever challenges come their way.


What SSAFA can do for you

Our philanthropy team works closely with those wishing to make large annual donations. We will offer tailored support to give you the best advice on how to spend your donation, provide guidance on tax-free giving and give regular individual updates on projects and services you have made an impact on.

Major supporters are also invited to the many events we host and attend throughout the year.

And of course you will walk away knowing that you have significantly helped the brave men and women who defend our country.

When you join up you are trained to be resilient and self-sufficient and to show you aren’t coping is not an option, so admitting it to someone was entirely out of my comfort zone. When I left the Navy I was recovering from shoulder surgery, SSAFA really helped me realise that asking for their help wasn’t a sign of weakness.

To have non-judgemental, supportive services like Forcesline means so much. Just to know there is someone at the end of the phone who understands my service and listens is an important comfort, particularly as it is a confidential service and it is a vital service.

- Jon, Royal Navy Veteran