SSAFA Southend Birthday party


25 May 2018


On Thursday 24 May, SSAFA hosted a fun-filled party to celebrate the upcoming birthdays of seven well-loved members of their Southend Veterans' Club.

The party, held during the veterans’ regular weekly meet up, was in honour of Alfred Smith, Bernard Mabey, Stan Marsh, Chick Fowler, Dougie Shelley, Mary Baker and Alan Tibbs. The special day was organised so they could all celebrate their special days together – with their friends at SSAFA right there alongside them.

Special guests on the day included:

  • Serving members of 617 Bomber Command (The famous Dambusters Squadron – which celebrated the 75th anniversary of Operation Chastise last week) presented Bernard Mabey with a special signed print to honour his years of service with them
  • Serving members of the Royal Logistics Corp in full service dress to present a cake to the veterans. Their presence was especially poignant for Southend Veteran, Alfred Smith, who previously served with the RLC, and is due to reach the grand age of 99 later this month

Bernard Mabey (93) comments:

The party was a lot of fun, and we are very grateful to Michelle and the SSAFA Southend team for organising it for us. It was wonderful to be able to celebrate amongst friends, and I loved seeing representatives from my old squadron, 617 Bomber Command, in attendance too.”

Alfred Smith (98) adds:

I thoroughly enjoy attending the SSAFA Southend Veterans' Club every week. It’s a great place to meet up with friends. It was quite overwhelming that the team decided to organise a birthday party for us all. It was a very enjoyable afternoon and brilliant to see members of the Royal Logistics Corp.”