Lisa and Alex fell in love when he was serving in Afghanistan

I found my true love whilst he was at war in Afghanistan

Lisa and Alex met online whilst he was serving in the Army

13 February 2015

I found my true love online whilst he was at war in Afghanistan

Lisa met Alex online half way through a six month tour of Afghanistan in 2007. When he returned they faced their own battles but with the help of SSAFA the couple are stronger than ever - and now they have had their first baby.

We were in love from the moment we spoke over the internet. We always knew we’d be together forever. So when Alex got back from Afghanistan, I packed my suitcase and made the 15-hour coach journey from London to Scotland to finally meet him in person. From that moment on we were inseparable and we have just had our first baby.

But when I think back to our first Valentine’s Day together, back in 2008, things were very different. Alex was going through a difficult time having being diagnosed with PTSD and it was hard for both of us. In the end he was medically discharged from the RAF, leaving us with nowhere to live and without a steady income.

At that point SSAFA stepped in to help; they raised £5,000 to cover the cost of furniture, white goods, redecorating, carpets, curtains, and a shower. It also enabled us to clear most of our debts.

Now, eight years on, we are still together and stronger than ever. Alex is really romantic. He always buys me chocolates and flowers and puts rose petals on my bed and around the house.

We always wanted a baby, we both knew that when we first met. But we waited until the time was right. It’s taken us a while to get to this point and feel ready to bring another life into the world. Thankfully we’ve had help along the way from friends, family and SSAFA.

After SSAFA helped us we wanted to give something back, so we started playing local gigs in pubs, raising money for SSAFA and spreading the word about the support the charity offers to serving personnel, veterans and their families.

Last summer, just weeks before our baby was due, we held our second annual fundraiser, the ‘SSAFA Bandfest’, at the ‘Old Mill’ in Plumstead on the weekend of 27/28th June.

The baby will be bought up with music in its life, it’s our passion. Even before she was born we were strumming guitar for her through my tummy.