Help for your during your bereavement

Help when you've lost a loved one

Get support during your bereavement

Call our team on 0845 241 7141 or 0207 403 8783 from your mobile or send us an enquiry.

Help with the loss of a loved one

If you lose someone who has previously served in our Armed Forces, or you are ex-Forces and you lose someone, then SSAFA is committed to giving support during your bereavement.

Everyone needs different support when they are grieving. If you need emotional support then our volunteers can be a listening ear during difficult times as you come to terms with your loss.

If you are struggling with money they can look for ways to help with expenses following a death, though it is often hard to get financial support for funeral expenses, and assist you with practical things. If your personal circumstances change following your loss then our volunteers may be able help with the financial costs of things like moving house.

Further support for your bereavement

  • Get details of organisations and charities that can offer help after your bereavement.
  • For debt advice we recommend that you contact your local Citizens Advice Bureau, Payplan or StepChange