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Help for ex-Forces with finance problems

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Debt advice

After leaving the Forces, some ex-service personnel find themselves in financial trouble. SSAFA can give you the support you need.

If you have fallen behind on your bills, credit cards or other payments and you are struggling to get by or even at risk of losing your home, then your local SSAFA team can help you to get advice on dealing with your debt.

SSAFA were very approachable and were happy to talk through how they could help.

Amir experienced money problems when he left the Forces so he turned to SSAFA

What we can do for you

Our volunteers will let you know about qualified debt advisors working in your area although they cannot give advice themselves.

Once you have received specialist advice they can then look for ways to help with any priority debts – these are debts where you are at risk of losing your home or supplies of essentials such as gas or electricity.