The electronic version of the Personal Child Health Record.


Families will be familiar with the Personal Child Health Record (PCHR), otherwise known as ‘The Red Book’, which is given to all expectant mothers towards the end of their pregnancy.

Normally a paper record, this will be held by parents for the duration of the child’s development. The ‘Red Book’ needs to be presented to health care professionals many times, so this little book can end up travelling across the world when it belongs to a military family.

But what if you could just download the mobile digital app, have it to hand whenever, or wherever you are? This is just one of the ways the eRedbook is already transforming the way parents can organise their child’s records.

What is eRedbook?

The eRedbook is simply an electronic version of your paper Red Book, but better! You can track their health and development records straight from your device.

Why should I sign up?

We ask all our families who have a child under 5 years of age, or who are pregnant, to download the App and register.

The benefits and functions of eRedbook:

  • Access anytime anywhere from any device in any location with your logon details. Data held is completely secure so information is not lost should a person lose their device.
  • Local information specific to where you are based.
  • Secure data - No information is being shared or sold to any other agency.
  • Personal family record where you can upload photos including development milestones and add notes on whatever you choose, this makes it a very personal family record.
  • Immunisations – eRedbook provides an easy way to keep track of all of your child’s immunisations, including ones you may need when posted to locations where your child needs additional immunisations.
  • Shared record so that when your partner or family is far away they can stay updated and involved. They can even upload a photo showing what they were doing when your child reached a milestone.
  • Lifelong record – as your child grows their eRedbook will form part of their personal health record meaning that they will be the first generation to have access to all of their personal health and development records right from birth.

Have a child aged 5 - 19?

We also ask our families who have a child aged 5 - 19, to download the App and register.  Why?  So you have an up to date and easy to access child health record, whilst moving around with the military.

  • Keep track of all your child's vaccinations (Flu, HPV, Men ACWY, 3 in 1 teenage booster etc) by inputting the information or uploading a photo to 'immunisations'
  • Record any screenings & reviews (eye or hearing tests)
  • Record 'Growths & Measurements' (height & weight measurements as part of the National Child Measurement programme in reception and year 6)
  • Keep a record of any hospital visits your child may have, make notes within 'other records' and upload photos of any paperwork, ensuring you have a personal record, alongside your medical record
  • Keep a record of any dental work they may have (filings, removed etc) under 'Dental'

It doesn't matter if any of these are provided by SSAFA Community Health, your Med Centre or a host nation.  This is your child's personal health record, you can record anything you would like to.

If you have time, then why not transfer the records from their paper redbook too?!  Rather than uploading each entry, you can just upload a photo.

How do I sign up?

Where do I find more information?

Ask your local SSAFA Community Health Midwife, Health Visitor or other staff member, or you can download our eRedbook guide here:

You can also take a look at the video below. Whilst we are not a data connected area, we can connect your child’s record ready for when they are in a connected area.



The eRedbook service, for Forces' families, has been supported and funded by the MOD Armed Forces Families Fund administered by the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust.