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Your Messages

These personal messages of support were sent in by the public to encourage those in need to reach out to SSAFA for help when they need it. If you need support please contact our Forcesline now.

Your Messages

Your Messages

  • I was a LCPL in the Royal Signals. I had to leave the Army in 1990 on a compassionate discharge due to the fact I have a special needs and deaf son. I had served 7 years Regular and previous to that 10 years Territorial. If it had not been for SSAFA's help I do not know what would have happened. They helped us with getting a council house and grants towards furnishing etc. They also put us in touch with people who could help us through and were there for us. Reach out to them, they are there to help and want to. It is not charity, you earnt it.

          Graham Bonnor

  • There is light at the end of the tunnel. Keep your spirits up.

          Brenda Hellawell

  • ​All the best of luck and a million thanks for your courage. J x

         Jessie Jackson

  • Thank you for serving our country. However alone or down you feel, be sure that people you've never met, care about you and wish you well.


  • We all need help at some time in our lives. Never feel ashamed to take hold of a helping hand, especially when the hand being offered is from SSAFA. A simple call to SSAFA may be the most important decision you ever make. Summon up the courage to make that telephone call today.


  • Walk through life with your head held high. We are proud of you.​


  • You must not be embarrassed in asking SSAFA for help, they are only willing to assist you.


  • We are most grateful for all you have done for our country and for the sacrifices you have made. All good luck for the future.  


  • With SSAFA's help and encouragement will you overcome. Best wishes for the future.

           Bill Mcwilliam

  • Don't hold back! Whatever your situation or however you feel, please talk to the great people at SSAFA. Even if you are embarassed or ashamed they will be able to help and it could be a great, new beginning for you. SSAFA are there for you. Life is for living, don't despair.


  • Don't be ashamed to ask for help. You've given so much, dealt with so much and you deserve something in return. We are so grateful for your Service, allow us to pay you back somehow. Asking for help isn't a weakness.
           Annette, Gloucestershire
  • Thank you for all you have done and continue to do. Your sacrifice is amazing! Thank you.

           Markus, Scotland

  • Speaking as an exRAF wife of 17 yrs I know and appreciate all the hard work and commitment you all put into your work. You all have my support, always. THANK YOU!

           Julie A, West Yorkshire

  • It seems to me that all ex-personnel of The Armed Forces should be seen by SSAFA staff because leaving the Forces is a very traumatic step in life. Even my brother-in-law who had been a Major in the Army found civilian life difficult to adjust to.


  • I was a medic in the RAF for 24 years and was blessed never to have worked in a war zone. I did however nurse many injured service people. We often referred patients and their families to SSAFA who were (and still are) enormously helpful with finances, accommodation etc. Having retired from the RAF nearly 30 years ago may I say, as one veteran to another, God bless you and God bless SSAFA. 




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