William Anson ssafa case study

William Anson

Ex Scots Guardsman William Anson had no home and no way to see his daughter after the breakdown of his relationship. SSAFA helped him secure a home and furnishings so he was secure and his daughter could stay.

William Anson

William Anson, 31, served with the Scots Guards until 2005 and is now a scaffolder. When his relationship broke down he was forced to declare himself homeless and, without a permanent residence, was unable to see his three-year-old daughter for several months. SSAFA stepped in and helped him secure a flat and furnishings, so his daughter could come and stay. 

“I was in a serious relationship for about five years and put everything I had into it. I spent thousands on our house. When things broke down I had nothing so I had to move out and declare myself homeless. I was homeless for a year and was staying with friends and on sofas but then I found out about SSAFA. I was already on the council list for housing but SSAFA really helped to speed the process up for me. I was finally offered a council house in my local area and SSAFA helped me to get carpets and flooring, white goods and furniture and basically kitted it out for me.

“I lost contact with my daughter for nearly three months and it was all down to not having my own property. Me and my girl are best friends so it was a horrible time. I was trying to put money by and pay bills and it just wasn’t happening. Now I get her three times a week overnight and that’s all down to SSAFA.

“Now I’m back on my feet, I’m not homeless any more and the house is looking great. If it wasn’t for SSAFA I don’t know where I’d be. I’ve got a good job but I pay CSA and other bills so I just needed a bit of help. I was working with a hernia for nearly 10 months but I didn’t want to have to take 10 weeks off work. In the end I was working when it burst and I was rushed straight to hospital but SSAFA have helped me again. They are now looking to see if there are any training courses I could do to further my career. I never knew about organisations like SSAFA and Poppy Scotland when I left the Army. I just googled ‘help for ex servicemen’ in the end.

“The team at SSAFA have been great, absolutely fantastic. I would recommend them to anyone.”