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SSAFA Corporate Friends

Our events scheme for defence companies

Get in touch with our Corporate team on 0207 463 9302 or send us an enquiry.

SSAFA Corporate Friends Scheme

Our Corporate Friends Scheme is an invaluable opportunity for companies from the defence industry to show their support for our Forces and their families, whilst gaining exposure, introductions and insights.

SSAFA runs five receptions per calendar year with senior keynote speakers from defence and or government at each, providing members with excellent networking opportunities and industry insight in return for your donations and commitment.

Three reasons to become a SSAFA Corporate Friend

• Insights – hearing key updates about our life changing work and the Defence and Security Industry

• Networking – building connections to enhance your business

• Invitations – receiving priority invitations to SSAFA’s major events, including our annual Defence Industry Charitable Dinner

Here's what our partners say:

"The Corporate Friends model is one that we are proud to be part of, delivering both the opportunity to sponsor particular events and also the drumbeat of regular strategic updates from an impressive list of Defence-related guest speakers over the years."

-- Andy Pedder, Defence Adviser (Land), MBDA UK, SSAFA Corporate Friend

The Corporate Friends model is one that we are proud to be part of"
Andy Pedder, Defence Adviser (Land), MBDA UK