Volunteer Roles in your local community

Find out more about the SSAFA volunteer roles available near you

Enter your postcode below to find out what volunteer roles are available in your local area and then click on the photos to find out what's involved in each volunteer role and how to apply. 

  • Caseworker

    Make a difference to people's lives

  • Chairman

    Guide a network of volunteers in your area

  • Fundraising organiser

    Run local fundraising events & appeals

  • Helper

    Assist our volunteer teams in your community

  • IT Co-ordinator

    Provide valuable IT assistance to promote SSAFA locally

  • Publicity officer

    Help raise SSAFA's profile in your local area with press & publicity

  • Branch Secretary

    Be responsible for the day-to-day organisation of SSAFA in your area

  • Branch Treasurer

    Use your accountancy & finance skills to give back

  • Training organiser

    Arrange training & courses for volunteers in your area

  • Visitor

    Provide friendly support & a listening ear

  • Divisional secretary

    Play a key role in supporting the Armed Forces community in your local area

  • Divisional treasurer

    Use your financial expertise to support SSAFA in your region