Meet some of SSAFA's volunteers

Meet our volunteers

Our volunteer showcase

To join us call our Volunteer team on 0845 658 1167 or send us an online enquiry.

Meet our volunteers

There are more than 6,000 SSAFA volunteers of all ages and backgrounds out there making a difference to our Armed Forces and veteran community.

Here our inspiring volunteers tell us what makes volunteering for SSAFA so special.

Volunteer showcase


    Meet Michelle

    Michelle is Southend and Rochford Divisional Secretary and founder of the Veterans Club

    She says 'When I look at my veterans on a Thursday all smiling I know that we have made a difference'

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  2. Meet Paul, SSAFA mentor

    Meet Paul

    Paul Sherwood volunteers as a mentor to help Forces leavers who are wounded, injured or sick to make a successful transition into civilian life.

    He says "I'm proud of the new skills I've learned as a SSAFA mentor."

    More about Paul.

  3. Meet Leon, SSAFA caseworker

    Meet Leon

    Senior Aircraftman Leon Buckley organises the work of his local SSAFA team.

    He says, "Volunteering for SSAFA is so varied - there's something for everyone."

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  4. Meet John, SSAFA volunteer

    Meet John

    Falklands veteran Captain John Philips volunteers for SSAFA to put something back into his local veteran community.

    He says, "I get a great buzz from volunteering for SSAFA. I enjoy giving my time to help others."

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  5. Meet Fenix, SSAFA volunteer

    Meet Fenix

    Fenix Cornejo is on the frontline for SSAFA helping veterans in North London.

    She says, "As a volunteer, I get to use my skills to support and encourage people in need."

    More about Fenix.

  6. Meet Ellie, SSAFA volunteer

    Meet Ellie

    Ellie Malpas helps to spread the word about SSAFA to serving families who might need our help. She is publicity officer at RAF Waddington.

    She says, "I love being part of a team. We're there for each other and our Forces community too!"

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