ssafa mentoring service for transition to Civvy street

Become a SSAFA mentor

We help service leavers and their spouses/partners make a smooth transition into civilian life

Become a SSAFA mentor

Our volunteer mentors help service leavers and their families make a successful transition into civilian life. 

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What is SSAFA Mentoring?

Who can be a mentor?

A good mentor offers life experience, a listening ear and sometimes a push in the right direction. Many mentors come from a Forces background, though this is not essential. Our mentors, like all SSAFA volunteers, are fully trained and carefully paired with a mentee.

Selection and training

We are looking for volunteers who are:

  • Willing to listen
  • Non-judgmental and objective
  • Free to give their time
  • Able to inspire others
  • Believe in others

As a mentor you will receive expert training to help you provide the best possible support to your mentee during and after their transition onto Civvy Street. This training is specially designed to give you the confidence to start mentoring and to develop your mentoring relationship over an extended period. We will carefully pair you with an individual who will benefit the most from your support.

Support from SSAFA

We offer comprehensive support to our mentors:

  • Practical support through our two regional mentoring coordinators
  • Supervision support from the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy
  • Peer support and opportunities to share best practice including Mentor Refresher Days for extra training and our active online mentoring discussion forum
  • Overall support as part of the SSAFA family.

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The mentoring training equipped me with skills and knowledge to embark on the mentor relationship.

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