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Role: Visitor

SSAFA Visitors tackle isolation and loneliness by visiting clients at home. Often these will be older people who previously served in the military, or the families of serving military. As well as providing company, you’ll be looking out for any clients who might need further help; for example, whether they need any extra support to access the local community or financial assistance to improve their quality of life.

Becoming a Visitor for SSAFA may involve chatting about the old days over a cup of tea but it is equally about helping people to feel a part of the wider community and hope for the future.

You’ll be part of a local team of volunteers with access to SSAFA support and training. If you can give some time and a listening ear to people in your community, we would love to hear from you.

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This role is available in the following places:

  • London North East Visitors
  • Hampshire Visitors
  • Norfolk Visitors
  • Sussex Visitors
  • Wiltshire Visitors
  • Buckinghamshire - South Buckinghamshire Visitor
  • Wiltshire - Visitors
  • Visitor
  • Visitors in Staffordshire
  • Visitors in Wiltshire

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