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Assistant Branch Secretary

Role: Assistant Branch Secretary

This role is for someone with managerial experience who is effective at building working relationships across a team. It provides an opportunity to use your knowledge and expertise to benefit those in your community, as well as develop some new skills. 

The duties of the role are split into 2 different but interwoven key areas. 

1. Recruitment: 

  • Arranging and conducting the interview of potential volunteers, ensuring all relevant documentation is completed as appropriate, collated and sent to SSAFA Central Office in a timely manner. 

  • Liaising with the Branch Training Organiser to ensure a volunteer is supported once they are formally recruited. 

  • Liaising with the Branch Publicity Officer to promote volunteering opportunities in appropriate media. 

  • Creating and maintaining contact with a network of local organisations as suitable sources for recruitment purposes such as Reach and the local Volunteer Centres. 

2. Assistant Secretary: 

  • Provide information and advice to all volunteers in the Branch. 

  • Ensure a high standard of casework is maintained, through monitoring and supporting caseworkers. Maintain supervisory oversight of training and awareness activity within the Branch. 

  • Implement branch policy and decisions of the branch executive committee. 

  • Monitoring the number of volunteers in the Branch and recruiting more when necessary, to meet the needs of clients. 

  • Welcoming and introducing all new members to the team

This role is available in the following places:

  • Kent Assistant Secretary
  • Essex Assistant Secretary and Training Officer
  • Northumberland Public Relations Officer

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