Valour band

Valour Band

Valour Band

Valour Bands are proudly partnered with SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity. 10% of all sales (less VAT) are donated directly to SSAFA.

Valour Band is a commemorative bracelet for the Armed Forces. Each bracelet shows an individual's service story through links that reveal medals won, rank earned and qualifications gained. 

Valour Band is a unique way of marking military service.  By selecting links showing medal ribbons, ranks and qualifications, customers create bespoke bracelets that bring service stories to life.  Beautifully designed, manufactured and assembled in the UK, Valour Band has a proud military pedigree having been created by a former British Army officer.  As a product officially licensed by the MOD, Valour Band offers an elegant and timeless way of marking service, both for those that have served and for those close to them. Use our exclusive discount for SSAFA supporters and get 5% off: SSAFA-Member-18

"Valour Band is thrilled to be partnered with SSAFA.  As the oldest tri-service charity in Britain, we feel that our core values sit closely alongside those of SSAFA and were keen to establish a means by which we could use the success of Valour Band to further the outstanding work done.  We look forward to an enduring partnership with SSAFA, and will continue to seek exciting and innovative ways to deepen the links between our organisations." -- Ash Loudon, Director                     


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