VE Day Shop

Commemorate the 75th Anniversary of VE Day with a special present, for your friends, family or even just yourself!

VE Day Shop

Commemorate the 75th Anniversary of VE Day with a special present, for your friends, family or even just yourself!

Due to the spread of the Covid-19 virus the VE Day 75 events, organised by Pageantmaster Bruno Peek, in support of SSAFA and due to run on the bank holiday weekend of the 8th of May will be postponed until later in the year; we will keep this page updated as things develop.

In anticipation of VE Day 75, we are delighted to present an amazing selection of VE day themed gifts, souvenirs and accessories.  Every item purchased, whether through our partners or our online store, helps raise funds for our important work looking after current and veteran members of our Armed Forces community.

Hattons -
VE Day 75 Sovereign Collectors Coins

Hattons of London, the master coinsmiths, have launched a new limited-edition set of platinum-plated gold coins, commemorating VE Day seventy five years on.  Featuring the Royal Family and Winston Churchill, these beautifully crafted coins are the perfect way for collectors to remember that fortuitous day on May 8 1945.

Check out the VE Day 75 Sovereign coins on the Hattons website here.


Knight Sportswear -
VE Day 75 Anniversary Sportswear

Knight Sportswear have produced a fantastic range of training shirts, cycling gear, hoodies and vests, emblazoned with the SSAFA colours and logos.  For VE Day 75 they have created commemorative shirts with a unique 'newspaper-clipping' design - but still the same practical, long lasting and comfortable clothing for your sporting activities.

Check out the SSAFA/VE Day collection at Knight Sportswear here.


Mrs Darlington's Preserves -
Special VE Day Edition Lemon Curd and Strawberry Jam

Mrs Darlington's Preserves - makers of delicious artisan Jams, Curds and Chutneys - have released two very special VE Day editions of their best selling Lemon Curd and Strawberry Jam.  Not only are these great to have on your shelf at any time of they year, they are perfect for this summer's VE Day 75 street parties and picnics - in sandwiches, on scones or baked into cakes and meringues.

Purchase the special VE Day Edition Lemon Curd here, or the VE Day Edition Strawberry Jam here.


Award Productions -
Victory & Peace 75

Award Productions have created an extensive range of 'Victory & Peace' memorabilia, including ties, brooches, clothing, medals and many other accessories and gift items.  Each item is marked with their beautifully designed Victory & Peace tri-service insignia.

See all 33 items on Award Production's Victory & Peace page.