Stay safe and keep it legal

Stay safe and keep it legal

We want you to have fun while you're fundraising, but it's important what you do is legal and safe for everyone

Check the rules

Charity fundraising is regulated by law, so you need to know any rules and regulations that apply to your event before you start. Here are a few useful websites to check:

 If you’re not sure where to start give us a call on 020 7463 9310 or email

Get Permission

You’ll need permission to:

  • To collect money or advertise in shops, libraries and other public places
  • From the owner if you’re fundraising on private property
  • From individuals in any of your pictures online or in promotional materials
  • In writing from parents if you want to take any photos/videos of their children – and be clear what they will be used for
  • If participating in collecting donations or fundraising, any children under 17 must be accompanied by an adult.


Get a License

Check with your local council whether you need any licences for your event – for example for public entertainment, alcohol or raffles. If you’re collecting in a public place, you will need a licence to use collections buckets and each council has different rules about this.

Find your council here.


Raffles, lotteries and prize draws

These are a great way to raise some extra money at your event. But they come with a lot of laws and guidelines – plus you may need a licence – have a chat with us first and we can help you through the process 020 7463 9310 Then check the rules with the Gambling Commission.