SSAFA Akrotiri In Service Committee

Supporting service personnel and their families living on RAF Akrotiri.

SSAFA Akrotiri In Service Committee

Supporting service personnel and their families living on RAF Akrotiri.


RAF Akrotiri is the only SSAFA service committee manned by service personnel for all the services on the island. We are a young committee that has only been going for a few years, but that doesn’t stop the committee promoting the SSAFA message to all service personnel, dependants and local community veterans. We have an excellent relationship with all stakeholders on station, from BFBS to the Flamingo Magazine.

Being a young committee, our approach to fund-raising is to get everyone within station and the local community out into the Cyprus sun. We utilise all of what Akrotiri can offer from the cliffs to the local strip vendors. We are always looking to promote SSAFA in a fun way to get the key message across. Some of the events that we have held or been a part of are: Camo day, Big Brew, Station Families day, running/fitness events and Christmas Fayre.

Loan store

The Akrotiri committee also have a 'loan store' which is open Monday / Wednesday / Friday from 09:00 – 11:00, manned by our amazing volunteers.

The loan store can be found behind the coffee pot.



Upcoming Events are as follows: The SSAFA Big Brew, CAMO day and The Aki Easter Egg Hunt.

Of course we are always trying to organise more events.  If you have any ideas of your own - please get in touch!

Please email if you would like to organise an event for SSAFA!


Financial Grants

The committee also considers grant requests from members of the community. The sort of grants that can be applied for are welfare cases, events for raising funds for SSAFA or to improve clubs that are based in Akrotiri (though these clubs cannot be businesses).

In the last year we have authorised grants to the Music Club and Flying Club.

The Music Club was able to replace a few guitars which they use for lessons and events.

The Flying Club was able to update their IT (safety reasons), which is available to all personnel on base.

To request a grant please complete an application form, which can be obtained from:


Our Committee Members

Chairman: SAC Stephen Bugg

Deputy Chairman: CPL Jonathan Braithwaite

Treasurer: SAC Dave Rathbone

Publicity: SAC Chris Boswell

Secretary: SAC Keith French