Invictus games Scott Meenagh rower

Scott Meenagh

Scott Meenagh

In 2011, Scott was serving in Afghanistan when he stepped on an IED and lost both his legs. Scott refused to let misfortune hold him back and is now competing in the 2016 Invictus Games.

At 9am on 25 January, Scott's mum Margaret was informed that her son had been injured while on a foot patrol in Afghanistan along with six other members of his regiment, one of whom died following a second explosion in the same incident.

While Scott was being treated at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, Margaret stayed at SSAFA's Norton House in Selly Oak for 9 weeks. Although Scott was initially sedated he was able to recognise his mother voice and move his eyes.

Later on Scott was able to visit the his family at the Norton House as part of his rehabilitation which helped the family come to terms with his new circumstances.  He was even able to stay overnight using the specially adapted room at the house. 

Margaret said:  “Being a mum I didn’t want to leave him at all we are so far away.  Even after he came out of Intensive Care and was put on a ward I was still nervous to return home for a couple of days.  My worries were made worse when Scott got an infection and had to return to the Intensive Care Unit.

“The house is lovely and the atmosphere really put me at ease. The staff are great and help in so many ways but it is being at the house with others in a similar situation that really helped.  The first night Christine was here we sat up talking till 1.30 am.  It was wonderful to talk to someone who understood what I was going through as a mother.”

“Had I have had to stay in a hotel I think I would have found it very frustrating. Scott would not have been able to stay and it would not have been as easy to meet with others."

Scott is very determined and since learning to walk again, on prosthetic legs, Scott has participated in many awe inspiring challenges that include winning medals at the Endeavour Games as well as the Warrior Games in America. Scott was captain of the British Armed Forces Rowing Team at the 2014 Invictus Games, where he won two silver medals.

This week Scott is representing Team GB at the 2016 Invictus Games in Orlando.



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