Savoo Search & Raise

Every time you take advantage of a deal on the Savoo website, Savoo will donate to SSAFA.

Savoo Search & Raise

We are thrilled to be a partner of Savoo Search & Raise, a money-saving and online fundraising website with thousands of great discount codes and deals from the UK’s biggest retailer.

Every time you take advantage of a deal on the Savoo website, Savoo will donate to SSAFA. Savoo also donates 1p per search to SSAFA using its search engine. With unlimited searches available, you can raise money for our Armed Forces and their families effortlessly and from your desk.


How do I start raising money for SSAFA?

First, select SSAFA as the charity you want to support. You can then use the Savoo search engine to search the web, and Savoo will donate a penny every time you do.

Or if you’re ready to start shopping using the voucher codes, just look for your favourite stores via the Search bar on the Savoo homepage. Every time you make a purchase using an offer, you’ll see the donation to SSAFA added to your total donated in your account dashboard.

What is the Savoo search engine?

The Savoo search engine is a Microsoft Bing powered search engine where you can search the web with a charitable twist. For every search you make, Savoo will automatically donate a penny to your chosen charity on your behalf at no extra cost to you.

You can also set the search engine as your default homepage. Follow the steps in the next question to find out how.

How do I make the search engine my default homepage?

It’s really simple, but differs slightly depending on what internet browser you’re using. Follow the steps below.

Internet Explorer

Go to Tools and select Internet Options

Select the General Tab

Paste as the homepage and click OK


Go to Tools and select Options (Windows users) OR select Preferences on Firefox (Mac users)

Select the General Tab

Paste as the homepage and click OK


Go to Safari and select Preferences

Select the General tab

Paste as the homepage and click OK


Go to the upper right hand corner of the screen and click on the Tools Icon

Select Settings

Under the On Startup section, choose Set Pages

Add to the URL box and click close

Does every search I make there count as a donation?

Every legitimate search will result in donations for SSAFA, but exceptions include:

Image searches

Video searches

‘Search this site’ searches

Searches for URLs (i.e. search terms ending in .com, .org, .net, .edu)

Searches to sites for which the URL is well known, such as Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, BBC, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.

Repetitive searches for the same term within a 24 hour period

‘Also Try’ searches

‘Trending’ searches (located on the left of the search results page)

‘Related Searches – Bing Search Assist’ (located at the bottom the search results page)

Searches for word definitions

Searches for stock quotes

Any searches generated from fraudulent use of the site

How much can I raise for SSAFA?

You can raise as much as you like – there really is no cap on donations. So feel free to shop until your heart’s content using a discount code or deal!

Is it really free?

Absolutely 100% free. Savoo are providing a way for people to support SSAFA at no added cost or effort to themselves.

Where does the money come from?

The money donated to SSAFA on your behalf comes to Savoo in two ways. Firstly through the affiliate commissions Savoo receive from retailers when consumers use our discount codes and deals. Savoo give up to 50% of that away to the charity of your choice. We also donate one penny per search made on our search engine.

Is there a way to see how much I’ve raised?

When you’re logged in you should see your username, the charity you’re supporting along with the amount you’ve raised in the top right hand corner of the page. Also, if you click on your username here you’ll be able to see a full breakdown of how much you’ve raised.

Do all purchases made with a discount code or deal qualify for a donation?

You can raise money for your charity through almost all of your purchases, from almost any retailer. However, each retailer has its own rules and donation percentages, and some purchases may not qualify at all.

Watch a video that explains a little more about Savoo and how they work.


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