Payroll giving

Flexible, easy giving

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Payroll giving

With payroll giving you can make a regular contribution to SSAFA through your salary to support our Forces and their families. It’s a flexible, tax efficient way for you to make a difference to our work.

Payroll giving is a flexible and tax efficient way for you to donate to SSAFA. Since your donation is taken from your salary before tax is deducted, it costs you less and HM Revenue & Customs gives us the tax it would otherwise have kept. Your gift to SSAFA could therefore be worth up to 40% more to us.

How to set up payroll giving

If your employer already offers payroll giving, you can sign up to support SSAFA today.

Introduce payroll giving at your workplace

If the scheme is not on offer at your workplace, why not suggest it to your HR or payroll department? They'll need to contact the Charities Aid Foundation on 01732 520 019 to set it up.

How to set it up