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Paying your money in

Paying your money in

Now you’ve done all the hard work and collected all the money you’ve raised, it’s easy to pay it in.

If you used an online fundraising page you won’t need to do anything – we’ll get the money automatically. But don’t forget to send in any cash you collected ‘offline’ as well.

If you collected cash

You can pay in the money a few different ways.

Go to www.ssafa.org.uk/donate

  1. Click ‘single’ and put in the amount you’re paying, then click ‘Next’.
  2. Describe your event and give your reference number on (on your welcome letter) in the ‘Please tell us why you are donating today’ box.
  3. Fill in all the other details on that page and click ‘Donate Now’ when you’re ready.

Pay over the phone

Call us on 020 7463 9310 and we’ll take the payment from you over the phone. You’ll need your payment card when you call and your reference number.

Send us a cheque

Please make your cheque(s) payable to SSAFA and send them with a short note to tell us about your event and give us your address so we can say thank you! Please send everything to:


SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity

4 St Dunstan’s Hill



Pay it into our bank account

Let us know if you’d like to do this and we’ll send you a paying-in slip. You can call us on 020 7463 9310 or email fundraising@ssafa.org.uk

A huge thank you!

Thank you so much for fundraising for SSAFA. We hope you had a great time as well as raising all that money! Whatever your total, it will help us continue to support the Armed Forces community for years to come.