Meet Alex

With support from SSAFA, this determined Afghanistan veteran is now loving being a full-time dad.

Meet Alex

Alex Stringer, 26, served five years with 23 Pioneers Regiment Royal Logistic Corps. During a tour of Afghanistan in 2010, Alex stepped on an Improvised Explosive Device (IED). He lost both legs and his left arm. SSAFA supported Alex and his family throughout his recovery from his life-changing injury and afterwards when life changed once again for him.

Alex joined the Army at the age of 17. Following a tour of Cyprus in 2009, he was deployed on his first operational tour to Afghanistan in October 2010. He remembers: “We gotsent out to do a routine job and we set up a safe area but unfortunately I set off a device just on the outside which blew me sky high. I remember being on fire and the helicopter coming in and getting us out. I was back in the UK within 24 hours and spent the next four-and-a-half months in hospital.”

After he moved on to the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre at Headley Court in Surrey, Alex and his family were able to stay at SSAFA’s nearby home-from-home, Norton House. This facility is a funded entirely by SSAFA and helps to ensure families of the wounded are able to stay close by to support their loved one during their recovery. Alex was medically discharged in 2013. Unfortunately his relationship with his partner broke down and at the time Alex received financial, housing and legal advice from SSAFA.

Today, Alex is in a new relationship and he and his partner have recently celebrated the arrival of a new baby girl, Renee. He enjoys nothing more than being a father to the new baby and his three daughters from his previous relationship. He said: “SSAFA’s support has been invaluable in helping me to adjust to a different way of living. I love spending time with my kids and now I’ve got Renee I’ve got a full time job. I cannot thank the charity enough for the help I’ve received.”

“I remember being on fire and the helicopter coming in and getting us out. I didn’t immediately understand that I’d lost three of my limbs.”

Alex Stringer, Afghanistan veteran and full-time dad