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Left Behind

Honouring those who lost a loved one during the Afghanistan conflict

Left Behind

One year since UK combat troops left Afghanistan, the battle goes on for the grieving families of the 454 servicepersons who didn't return from the war.

It's knowing you're never going to see that person again.
After Afghanistan 454 military families face the rest of their lives without their loved one.

Bereaved families tell their stories

SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity, can provide a lifeline for these military families.

Through these photographs and short videos the family members of our Support Groups share memories of their loved ones and talk about being #LeftBehind.

Dad Ian Wright

Mum Cheryl Routledge

I miss so much about him. Friday teatimes I still listen for his car pulling up.

Cheryl lost her son Corporal Liam Riley in 2010 when he was the victim of an IED in Helmand province.

Read more of Cheryl's story.

Mum Sarah Adams

Dad Mark Bond

Sister Olivia Routledge

Olivia and her brother Corporal Liam Riley shared a special bond. She knows she will always miss him.


We had so much fun together and it is so difficult knowing we never will again.


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Sister Elizabeth Holmes-Daniels

Dad Martin Harrison

It is very important to keep his memory alive.

Martin and his wife Gill lost their younger son Corporal Christopher Harrison in 2010 when he was killed by a fatal explosion.

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Mum Gill Harrison

Every year, Gill received a thoughtful birthday card from her son Christopher and she realised how much she would miss these after he died.


I thought, I'm never going to get another birthday card from him.

Read more of Gill's story.

Help bereaved military families

SSAFA believe that we owe it to those who lost their lives fighting for our country to support their families for as long as they need us. With your donation we can continue to make a difference to bereaved families through their journey of grief.

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About SSAFA – the Armed Forces charity

We provide lifelong support to anyone who is currently serving or has ever served in our Armed Forces and their families.

Last year we helped 57,000 people through our charitable work and 40,000 through our professional health and social care services, ranging from World War Two veterans to the families of young servicemen and women wounded or killed in Afghanistan.

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