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We Remember the Fallen from all British conflicts since 1945

2 November 2015

We Remember the Fallen from all British conflicts since 1945

Since the end of World War Two, there has only been one year, during 1968, that no British serviceman was killed in action. This a statistic that can sometimes be overlooked during Remembrance time when our thoughts can focus on those lost during the two world wars.

For more than 100 years, since the outbreak of World War One in August 1914, not a single year has gone by without our servicemen and women being involved in conflict.

100 years of conflict

Most people have heard of Britain's involvement in military conflicts in the latter half of this century, such as the Falklands War and the Gulf War. But many don’t realise that soldiers, sailors, and airmen from Britain and the Commonwealth have been constantly fighting in small wars since the end of World War Two, resulting in a total of 7,148 British military deaths.

These include large-scale conflicts in Korea and Iraq, and smaller-scale actions in Africa, the Middle East and Asia. There have been operations related to the cold war, 9/11, and the Troubles in Ireland.

No other country has been engaged continuously in fighting over such a long period and it has placed many pressures on our Armed Forces and their families. As the UK’s oldest national military charity, SSAFA has been there throughout this time to support our Armed Forces personnel and their families.

The importance of every military life

SSAFA Chief Executive David Murray comments, “Remembrance has traditionally been associated with commemorating all those who lost their lives in World War One and World War Two and, more recently, conflicts such as Iraq and Afghanistan.  However, it is important to remember other conflicts in which UK service personnel have also lost their lives.

So I encourage everyone who pauses to reflect during this Remembrance period, to spare a thought for those who lost their lives serving our country in places such as Northern Ireland and Bosnia, as well as lesser known conflicts such as Sierra Leone. Every military life lost is equally important, no matter what the conflict.”

From the jungles of Malaya to the frozen hills of Korea, in the back streets of Aden and Cyprus, from the African bush of Kenya to the hills of the Falkland Islands, young National Servicemen and our regular and reserve forces in the Army, Royal Navy and RAF have been defending the Britain and her allies for the last 58 years. SSAFA has been here when they have needed us and we will continue to be here for as long as we are needed.

Help us to Remember the Fallen

Over the Remembrance we will be commemorating all British lives lost in conflicts since 1945 on our Facebook page, come join us.

Support during your bereavement

If you have lost a loved one whilst they are serving in the Armed Forces, then SSAFA can support you through your bereavement.

If you lose someone who has previously served in our Armed Forces, or you are ex-Forces and have lost someone, then SSAFA is also committed to giving you support.