Veteran BT engineer confronted by unexploded bomb

Veteran BT engineer confronted by unexploded bomb

7 July 2015

Veteran BT engineer confronted by unexploded bomb

An ex-soldier, who nows works as an Openreach engineer dealt with an unexploded bomb before finishing his work installing a phone line.

​As an ex-soldier, engineer Dave Owen knew exactly what to do when he spotted it in a garden.

The rusting object, which looked like a military shell, was in the neighbouring garden of a customer’s home. Dave realised it may be an unexploded bomb and immediately told the woman occupier to remain indoors and to call the police.

Army bomb disposal experts arrived on the scene in Caernarfon, North Wales, and Dave led them to the shell. They confirmed it was an unexploded Second World War incendiary device.

Police praised Dave for his actions and evacuated residents from neighbouring houses as a precaution. The Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) team took the bomb away to dispose of it safely.

Dave served 22 years in the Royal Corps of Signals, including in Afghanistan, Iraq, Northern Ireland, Kosovo, Bosnia and Belize. 

He said: “The woman told me she had dug up the object the previous day. I calmly advised her to go indoors with her dog and to dial 101 for the police. I told her it could be a device from the Second World War and might be dangerous. She said: ‘Are you joking?’

“I didn’t tell anyone else about it because I didn’t want to alarm people. From my military experience, something that old can be unstable and liable to explode so it’s best not to take any chances.”

Openreach and SSAFA announced a long-term partnership this year to support SSAFA in helping our forces and their families. The launch of the partnership is continuing to roll out across Openreach employees, many of which are ex-forces personnel bringing expertise and great a skillset suited to engineering and management roles. It's good to hear stories of the courageous support Openreach engineers such as Dave Owen provide to protect British communities.