Unforgotten Forces

Supporting Scotland's older veterans

23 January 2018

Unforgotten Forces - Supporting Scotland's older veterans

Unforgotten Forces is collaboration between 15 of the leading organisations supporting older veterans and their families in Scotland, including SSAFA, and is led by Poppyscotland.  The project commenced on 1st July 2017 and is already providing valuable support of various types to older veterans across Scotland.

Over the next three years the Unforgotten Forces consortium will deliver a range of new services, as well as enhancements to existing services, in areas including advice, access to healthcare, tackling loneliness and social isolation, helping with hearing and sight loss, respite and creative activities and events for those in care settings.  The consortium has been awarded £4 million of LIBOR funding from the Aged Veterans Fund to undertake this ambitious programme of work.

The great benefit of the project is that these Partners work closely and collaboratively together such that any older veteran referred to any Partner is automatically considered for the range of all services available  and, where appropriate and with the permission of the veteran, seamlessly cross-referred for simultaneous support across the Partnership. As they say in the military – “It’s a Force Multiplier!”

Whilst some of the Partners are in receipt of funding to assist with the provision of enhanced or new services for older veterans, SSAFA’s role involves identifying and then referring older veterans to other appropriate UF Partners for specialist support and services during the normal course of caseworking. In other words, membership of Unforgotten Forces and the ability to easily cross refer to other Partners provides SSAFA’s Caseworkers with an enhanced tool bag of support services with which to help support and improve the lives and well-being of older veterans. Conversely, all Partners can and will also make referrals of older veterans to SSAFA, where appropriate.