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11 June 2014

SSAFA's support for those affected by redundancies

Following the announcement of the fourth tranche of Armed Forces redundancies, SSAFA reiterates our support for the entire military community.

SSAFA's support for those affected by redundancies

In light of today's announcement from the MoD that further redundancies will affect personnel from all three services, SSAFA reiterates its support to the entire military community.

Whilst this fourth and final tranche will mark the end of the uncertainty that service personnel have faced over the past four years, redundancy can still be a very worrying experience for anyone affected. For some, it presents an opportunity but for others there are real concerns. Life plans are suddenly thrown into disarray and uncertainty seems everywhere.

Redundancy for service personnel and their families who are long in service can be particularly disruptive, especially when accommodation and education are so closely entwined with the job. Things can be equally daunting for any young, single personnel when they are suddenly faced with the prospect of running their own homes.

The MoD has done much to ensure that there is a robust resettlement process and a generous tax-free payment in place for all those who are selected for redundancy, to help make their transition to civilian life as smooth as possible.

But SSAFA is also here to help if things don’t go to plan. Don’t be afraid to ask for support or advice. Redundancy inevitably means change and that adds pressure to relationships and personal circumstances, which can spiral out of control if not managed carefully.

It is vital to involve the whole family in talking through some of the issues that might affect you if you are faced with redundancy. Decisions made now may have lifelong consequences.

There will be a lot of advice and support offered to you from here on in. Take it and make sure you understand it. If you don’t understand how something may affect you or if you have special circumstances that mean you’ll be expecting additional support, start asking questions as soon as possible.

If SSAFA doesn’t have the answers, we will help you find someone who does. Remember that you and your family remain eligible for help from SSAFA even after you have moved into civilian life. We are here for you, for life.

To help ensure you’re talking to the right person, asking the right questions or just to express some of your worries, SSAFA’s confidential listening service, Forcesline is available to those serving, those who have served and their families.

To speak to Forcesline call 0800 731 4880 or send an email at SSAFA has 7,000 volunteers across the UK who can help with practical, financial and emotional problems to contact your local branch call 020 7403 8783 or find SSAFA near you.