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SSAFA's Christmas gift guide

16 December 2014

SSAFA's Christmas gift guide

Stuck for a Christmas gift? Take a look at our Christmas gift guide. From poetry to cheese - there's something for everyone!

SSAFA's Christmas gift guide

WW1 Cheese

Look out for this Lancashire Pals Tasty Cheese in support of SSAFA and on sale now. Handmade to an original recipe, this delicious cheese commemorates 100 years since the start of WW1.

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SSAFA Poppy Seeds

The poppy has been the nation's symbol of Remembrance since 1921. Now you can plant your own flowers and support SSAFA with these special packs of Sutton seeds.

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An inspiring new novel set in the late 17th century about the British Army’s involvement in a military campaign in Tangier and written by ex-Army Royal Engineer, is set to benefit SSAFA.

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Micheal Morpurgo’s Anthology

Only Remembered, a collection of powerful words and pictures about WWI chosen by some of the UK’s leading cultural, literary and political figures and edited by Michael Morpurgo, with proceeds going to SSAFA and other military charities.

Remember World War One

Great Ward Poetry

SSAFA celebrates ‘Great Ward Poetry’, which tells the moving war-time story of the men serving in WWI recovering from horrific injures at the Royal Victoria Patriotic Building, Wandsworth, and of the nurses who cared for them.

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Our Guide to WW1

SSAFA's official guide to the history of WW1 features articles on our troops, the technology of warfare and life at home alongside the story of SSAFA's support for our Forces.

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