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2 September 2013

SSAFA Story Means Work Placement for Former Royal Marine

A story in SSAFA's e-newsletter has lead to a summer work placement at a law firm for ex-Royal Marine Paul Jacklin.

SSAFA Story Means Work Placement for Former Royal Marine

A former Royal Marine has made the most of his summer by undertaking a work experience placement at Freshfields, the international law firm. Happily for SSAFA, law undergraduate Paul Jacklin was offered the place after a reader saw the story in our e-newsletter and got in touch.

Paul had previously been helped by SSAFA after being medically discharged from the Royal Marines in 2012. He made contact with SSAFA when he was looking for assistance with funding his degree. Mike Yarram, a SSAFA case worker from the Lincolnshire Branch, applied on Paul’s behalf to the C Group, who awarded Paul £10,000 to cover the costs for his first academic year.

Paul and Mike shared their story with the SSAFA's supporters through the SSAFA e-newsletter. When a reader who worked at Freshfields saw it, they helped Paul to secure a work experience placement with the London based law firm.

Paul says: “The work experience at Freshfields provided an excellent insight into how a global law firm operates. I was impressed by the overall atmosphere in the workplace, the employee benefits and I even received CV writing tips.

“I shadowed one of the employees in the Dispute Resolutions Department, an area that really interests me, and I learnt a lot about case management and client relationships.

“I met with people who had already completed their Legal Practice Course and were now undertaking their first employment at Freshfields. They were really easy to talk to and happy to give me advice.

“I have been very fortunate to have been given this work experience and I am very grateful to everyone that helped me and also grateful to those who looked after me at Freshfields. It has given me a lot of extra confidence for life after university in knowing that there is light at the end of the tunnel and a career in law potentially waiting for me.”

SSAFA continues to support Paul as he goes into his second year of studies. He hopes to become a fully qualified solicitor once he has completed his studies in 2015.

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