More than a quarter of adoptive families are living in crisis

More than a quarter of adoptive families in UK are living in crisis

28 September 2017

SSAFA respond to research revealing more than a quarter of adoptive families in UK are living in crisis

New research released in the media this week has found that more than a quarter of adoptive families in UK are living in crisis.  The survey, which was commissioned by the BBC and Adoption UK showed that more than half of those surveyed reported living with a child who was violent including being punched, kicked or threatened with knives. 

Despite many describing their adoption as ‘challenging but stable’, most families were still glad they adopted. The crux of the issue here appeared to be focused around the need for better support following adoption for new parents and for them to be better informed about any concerns or behaviour that might be expected from their children in the future. 

SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity runs an independent adoption agency that works with local authorities to provide support for anyone serving who wishes to create a family through adoption.

Our service has approved 322 adopters since 1964, 149 of those since 2000 when we became a registered adoption agency.

What makes our adoption service different, other than our remit being military families, is the lifelong support we offer which is key to adopting successfully. 

Our post-adoption support service is imperative to adoptive families and we have a dedicated post-adoption social worker. She is there to advocate on families behalf, offer a listening ear, provide advice and information and signpost to other services such as therapy, further training, educational and peer support.  

We are with our military families every step of the way and send regular newsletters and arrange opportunities to meet up at least twice a year with events for adoptive families to build peer support and prevent isolation.

If you or your partner is currently serving and considering adoption and you’re looking for some advice or support, please do get in touch to find out more how we can best support you.  Find out more by visiting here or contact the team on or 020 7463 9326.