Afghanistan veteran with medals and child
25 July 2013

SSAFA marks 60th anniversary of Korean War

This weekend marks the anniversary of what many consider to be a forgotten war.

SSAFA marks 60th anniversary of Korean War

This weekend marks the 60th anniversary of the armistice of the Korean War, one of the most ferocious conflicts of the 20th century. Many of those who fought have gone on to be helped by SSAFA or volunteer their time to help others.

The British were fighting as part of the United Nations in support of South Korea against Chinese forces supporting the North. Many of the British troops were National Servicemen. It was a war fought in trenches filled with mud and rats. Over 1000 British troops died, a similar number were captured or reported missing. Those who fought consider it to be a forgotten war.

One young man who went to war as a National Serviceman was Michael Mogridge, now Branch Secretary for SSAFA Oxfordshire, pictured above on the left.

“The conditions were extreme, temperatures were ranged from 20 below to 30 above and we had monsoons that flooded our trenches. We had lethal patrols into no mans land and lived in trenches that were constantly under fire.

“It is a great frustration to many of us who fought there that what happened is not recognised. However, SSAFA plays a vital role in ensuring that the veterans get the care and support they deserve.”

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