tea cosy for big brew up designed by celebrities


9 May 2018


A survey commissioned by SSAFA, the Armed Forces Charity, has uncovered just how obsessed we Brits are with sitting down for a daily ‘cuppa’ break – along with the celebrities we would most like to share them with!

The survey, carried out to tie in with SSAFA’s annual Big Brew Up campaign, has found that the majority of Brits (53%) enjoy sitting down with a cup of something hot up to 8 times a day, equating to a staggering 160 gallons per year – enough to fill a bath tub!

Despite the trend for European café culture sweeping the UK, when quizzed on what their hot drink of choice is, the humble English Breakfast Tea was selected by most Brits (27%) as their favourite hot drink to sip. This was voted above more ‘fashionable’ European beverages such as Cappuccino (9%), Latte (9%), Americano (8%) and Espresso (3%).


The top ten list of most popular hot beverages, as voted by the British public, includes:

  1. English Breakfast Tea (27%)
  2. Hot Chocolate – (14%)
  3. Cappuccino – (9%)
  4. Latte – (9%)
  5. Americano – (8%)
  6. Flat White – (4%)
  7. Espresso – (3%)
  8. Earl Grey – (3%)
  9. Mocha – (3%)
  10. Green Tea – (3%)

In addition to delving into the nation’s hot beverage habits, SSAFA also asked respondents to state who they would most like to invite to their house for a tea party.

The new poll has revealed that the British public’s ultimate ‘celebri-tea’ party would include QUITE the mix of guests, with David Attenborough (14%), Holly Willoughby (12%), Her Majesty The Queen (6%) and Tom Hardy (6%) proving to be the most popular guests of choice.

Taking it one step further, the new poll also discovered who the British public would LEAST like to ‘par-tea’ with – with CBB star and British journalist, Katie Hopkins (13%), coming out top. Leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn (9%), and comedian, Russell Brand (9), came in second and third place, followed closely by motoring enthusiast, Jeremy Clarkson (7%).

The survey has been commissioned by SSAFA to mark the launch of their annual fundraising campaign, the Big Brew Up. For 2019 the campaign will run from 1 April to 30 June, and encourages friends, colleagues, and family members to come together and host a tea party, in order to raise vital funds for members of our military community in need.


Jonathan Sandall, Director of Fundraising at SSAFA, commented:

“From these survey findings, it’s great to see that the British public still cherish a traditional cup of English Breakfast tea. It is also fascinating to discover which celebrities Brits would most like to invite to a tea party - and how the results reflect a sense of patriotism, with the list being made up of British celebrities and Her Majesty the Queen.

This Summer we are asking the British public to put the kettle on, host a Big Brew Up, and support our Armed Forces community.

The Big Brew Up is fantastic way to catch up with friends and family, try your hand at baking and raise money that will make a real difference. Your donations will help serving men and women, veterans, and their families with the challenges they face during and after life in the Armed Forces.”


This page was edited on 28th March 2019