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7 January 2014

New Year Honours for SSAFA

Four people have been recognised for their outstanding contributions to SSAFA in this year's list.

New Year Honours for SSAFA

Four people have been recognised by Her Majesty the Queen in the 2014 New Year Honours list for their outstanding contributions to SSAFA.

Deputy Controller, Volunteer Support, Cathy Walker receives an MBE after working for SSAFA for 29 years, both as a volunteer and as a member of staff. Cathy is widely respected within the military charity sector and has given a huge amount to the charity, recently bringing together the work of our volunteers working in local Branches with those working in Service Committees.

Caseworker Ann Garrod has volunteered with SSAFA for 45 years and receives the British Empire Medal. During her time with SSAFA, both in Suffolk and previously with Nottinghamshire Branch, Ann is thought to have helped an incredible 2,000 people, raising in excess of £500,000 in the process. Ann, who has also organised Suffolk’s Alexandra Rose Day for the last 20 years, has recently decided to focus her efforts on fundraising.

Major David Davies TD, Branch Secretary of Mid Glamorgan and Divisional Secretary for Bridgend, receives the British Empire Medal after volunteering for SSAFA for 15 years. In addition to running the Branch, David has personally assisted 350 people during his time with SSAFA, raising some £200,000 for his clients. He is also an enthusiastic fundraiser for both SSAFA and other service charities.

Branch Secretary of SSAFA London North East, Janet Brewer, also receives the British Empire Medal. Janet has been a volunteer for 19 years and received the Prince Michael of Kent Award in 2005 for her exceptional contribution to the charity. She was instrumental in setting up a London Branches’ Newsletter, used her IT expertise to aid the introduction of the Casework Management System and is also increasingly involved in fundraising.

SSAFA Chairman, General Sir Kevin O’Donoghue, said: “We are delighted that the exceptional work of these four has been recognised in the Queen’s New Year Honours list.

“Cathy was one of the main proponents in setting up SSAFA’s award-winning Norton Homes for injured service personnel and has worked tirelessly for the good of the military community for many years.

“Ann is a truly extraordinary volunteer who has brought her wealth of experience to the crucial role of caseworker for almost half a century. David is an inspiration to other volunteers with a remarkable record as trainer, mentor and guide. And Janet is an outstanding volunteer who has contributed immeasurably to SSAFA both in the London North East Branch and in the wider work of the charity.

“Congratulations to them all.”

Image (left to right): Cathy Walker, Ann Garrod, David Davies, Janet Brewer.