Afghanistan veteran with medals and child
9 April 2013

New law mission for Royal Marine

When former Royal Marine Paul Jacklin needed help to pursue his law studies, SSAFA was there to support him.

New law mission for Royal Marine

Whilst many of us were enjoying the long Easter Bank Holiday weekend, one SSAFA client was studiously hitting the books as he prepared for his first year law exams at the University of Lincoln. Ex-Royal Marine Paul Jacklin has been able to undertake his studies due to financial help received from a number of Benevolent Funds, which his local branch helped him to apply to.

Paul left school at 16 and worked in a variety of jobs before deciding to join the Royal Marines in 2005, aged 20. While with the Royal Marines, he specialised as an advanced driver and then as a vehicle mechanic. His career saw him undertake a number of postings, including a four month tour of Afghanistan in 2007.

Shortly after he returned home in February 2008, Paul’s life changed forever when he sustained a terrible back injury which has left him in constant pain and needing to walk with crutches. Although he tried to continue with his life as a Marine, eventually he was medically discharged in 2012 when his injury was discovered not to be resolvable.

Before leaving the Royal Marines, Paul was based with Hasler Company. Hasler Company is dedicated to meeting the specific and complex needs of seriously injured and ill Royal Marines who require specially tailored programmes and additional bespoke support before leaving the forces. While he was there Paul decided he would like to pursue a career in law.

Paul is now in the final months of his first year at the University of Lincoln where he is undertaking a law degree with a view to becoming a fully qualified solicitor once he has completed his degree in 2015.

Whilst the university has given Paul excellent support in terms of providing him with essential equipment and computer software to help him with his studies, the course is very expensive especially as he is a full time student with no extra income. Most of his student loan is spent on rent and the remainder of his money goes towards the house he brought in partnership with his mother.

Paul says, “I am 100% dedicated to this course and becoming a solicitor but sometimes real life can get in the way, especially when the cost of living with a disability is so high.

“I was really worried that I wouldn’t be able to continue with my studies and that is where SSAFA stepped in and helped me apply to the Commando Charity and they both have made a huge difference.”

Paul approached Hasler Company to help with his funding and they got in touch with the local SSAFA Branch to see if they could help. Mike Yarram, a case worker from the Lincolnshire Branch, applied on Paul’s behalf to the Commando Charity who have awarded Paul £10,000 to cover the costs for the academic year.

Mike says, “Although we almonised the funds, a huge thanks must be said to the Commando Charity who really have pulled out all the stops and donated a huge amount of money. It really is unprecedented to receive such a huge sum for one client and the branch is truly grateful.”

Paul concludes by saying, “Mike and the Commando Charity have gone out of their way and over and above the call of duty to help me out. Not only will I be receiving funding for this academic year, dependent on my end of year exams, I will also receive funding for the next two years, which is a huge weight off my mind.”